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Caleb Cornett a62d8a5383 Combine all dependencies into the main csproj 10 months ago
cosmonaut c649b24dad Game.Timestep is now public 10 months ago
cosmonaut f06ad263b7 add Fixed.Vector2.Lerp 10 months ago
cosmonaut 28e3479444 remove decimal cast from Fix64.Atan2 10 months ago
cosmonaut 72ad850ab4 fix unnecessary double cast 10 months ago
cosmonaut 9cd6e6cc7b add Vector2.Rotate methods 10 months ago
cosmonaut 9c8ec7ad5a ButtonState now has a public constructor 10 months ago
cosmonaut 0b0a6feff5 make note of Theorafile dependency 10 months ago
cosmonaut 1e6455d070 fix StreamingSoundOgg seek 10 months ago
cosmonaut efb9893aef Theora video support + audio improvements (#20)
- `SoundInstance.Play` no longer takes a loop parameter
- `SoundInstance.Stop` is split into `Stop` and `StopImmediate` instead of taking an immediate parameter
- Added `StreamingSoundSeekable` to better support streaming audio that does not support seek
- `StreamingSound` no longer has a Loop property, but `StreamingSoundSeekable` does
- abstract `StreamingSound.AddBuffer` renamed to `FillBuffer`
- `FillBuffer` is now provided with a native buffer to avoid an extra data copy
- `StreamingSound` buffer implementation optimized to avoid repeated alloc/frees

- added `Video` class which can load and play Theora (.ogv) streaming video/audio

Reviewed-on: MoonsideGames/MoonWorks#20
10 months ago
cosmonaut 5a5fbc0c77 handle OS window size changes 10 months ago
cosmonaut 40a2b31e90 add StartMaximized flag to WindowCreateInfo 10 months ago
cosmonaut 424f410688 add SystemResizable flag to WindowCreateInfo 10 months ago
cosmonaut d6bd11d63f add Documentation to README 11 months ago
cosmonaut f6fc80804e improve gamepad init and support hotplugging 11 months ago
cosmonaut 646e5e9283 empty virtual button 11 months ago
cosmonaut ab619192a6 combine button states 11 months ago
cosmonaut d07a722fb1 VirtualButton system 11 months ago
cosmonaut 3543f074f4 fix erroneous Normalize 11 months ago
cosmonaut d3e124cea1 reset AnyPressedButton at start of Update 11 months ago
cosmonaut 1cf3a13541 Inputs.AnyPressed implementation 11 months ago
cosmonaut db5ca97726 Packer.TextBounds 11 months ago
cosmonaut d190df55b2 update wellspring 11 months ago
cosmonaut 1aa522ffa1 avoid TextBatch.Draw smashing the stack with big strings 11 months ago
cosmonaut a9b3b53ce9 add optional Destroy method to Game 11 months ago
cosmonaut d32bbcd537 radian and degree conversions on Fix64 12 months ago
cosmonaut b23792acd0 remove empty struct constructors for language compatibility 12 months ago
cosmonaut 97fad21c0c update Wellspring 12 months ago
cosmonaut 2f5d25b458 Fix64 random fix 12 months ago
cosmonaut ba662d7c3e add Fix64 random range 12 months ago
cosmonaut c1085db9c5 add store ops to depth stencil attach info struct 12 months ago
cosmonaut bb0b6daa91 Fix64.Fractional 1 year ago
cosmonaut 13519c3150 fix stencil clear 1 year ago
cosmonaut 6ab7a2f722 read ShaderModules from stream 1 year ago
cosmonaut 436affe5de remove some unnecessary qualifiers 1 year ago
darkerbit ff544140e0 add file drop API 1 year ago
cosmonaut a10f18b4eb update README dependencies 1 year ago
cosmonaut 26e7e5c809 move mouse wheel reset to sensible location 1 year ago
cosmonaut d2a51ce524 decouple fixed timestep from draw, add frame cap 1 year ago
cosmonaut 5a9709c843 revert Game and GameState change 1 year ago
cosmonaut 0e8188682e game state now changes on next update 1 year ago
cosmonaut 9862bfd0a0 TextureSamplerBinding now stores IntPtrs 1 year ago
cosmonaut 4756fe2b14 add SetMasteringVolume method to AudioDevice 1 year ago
cosmonaut e5c72c6f46 add lerp to Fix64 1 year ago
cosmonaut 318ca22021 add default case for clarity 1 year ago
cosmonaut 547f7a388e add Fix64 random methods 1 year ago
cosmonaut dd3fb75905 fix DDS mip level loader 1 year ago
cosmonaut 2bd88e1dc1 add a few useful functions 1 year ago
cosmonaut 66d363459b improve DDS format support 1 year ago
cosmonaut b22d3bed30 add DDS and BC7 support 1 year ago