A .NET Standard wrapper around the PhysFS IO library
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PhysFS wrapper for .NET Standard

This library is a .NET Standard wrapper around the cross-platform IO libary PhysFS. It provides IEnumerable iterators to avoid creating garbage, and a Stream subclass for easy usage.


You can use this library by adding it as a submodule and then referencing it in your .csproj file.

  git submodule add https://gitea.moonside.games/MoonsideGames/MoonTools.NETPhysFS.git

You must also include a compiled binary of PhysFS for your platform for this to work properly.


using var pfs = new PhysFS(""); // automatic dispose pattern
using (var reader = new StreamReader(pfs.OpenRead("/helloworld.txt")))
  var contents = reader.ReadToEnd();


This project was forked from the very helpful SharpPhysFS by Francesco Bertolaccini.