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A very simple ECS system.

Updated 1 day ago

Test suite for MoonWorks graphics

Updated 2 days ago

C 0 1

An XNA-inspired 3D graphics library with modern capabilities.

Updated 5 days ago

A free cross-platform game development framework.

Updated 5 days ago

C# interop for the Refresh graphics library.

Updated 2 weeks ago

Template and build tasks for developing a cross-platform multi-target .NET Framework and .NET Core FNA project in VSCode.

Updated 5 months ago

Starter project for MoonWorks.

Updated 5 months ago

A cloth physics library in C

Updated 5 months ago

C++ 0 0

A texture packing system in C.

Updated 6 months ago

Easing function implementations for .NET Standard

Updated 6 months ago

C# bindings for the Wellspring font library.

Updated 7 months ago

An immediate mode font rendering system in C.

Updated 7 months ago

A C# interop library for the Silkworm2 cloth physics library.

Updated 7 months ago

An audio subsystem replacement for FNA.

Updated 9 months ago

Documentation for the MoonWorks framework.

Updated 10 months ago